We are a group of scientists from different Brazilian Universities (UNIFESP, UFMG, USP, UNICSUL, UNICAMP) connected to the genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, e exercise physiology.


We are working to consolidate the knowledge of applied genomics and proteomics on sports area in Brazil.


With this objective we are developing the "Atletas do Futuro" (Atlhetes of the Future) project, so that our future atlhetes generation can benefit from the knowledge and innovation on genomics and post-genomics area.


Project's Coordenator: Professor Joao Bosco Pesquero (Molecular Biologist - UNIFESP). 

  • Professor Fulvio Alexandre Scorza - Experimental Neurologist - UNIFESP
  • Doctor Jorge Luiz Pesquero - Molecular Biologist - UFMG
  • Professor Juliana Ferraz Sallum - Associate Professor of the Oftalmology Department - UNIFESP
  • Professor Patricia Chakur Brum - Exercise Fisiologist - USP
  • Doctor Paulo Correia - Exercise Fisiologist - UNIFESP
  • Professor Ronaldo de Carvalho Araujo - Molecular Biologist - UNIFESP
  • Doctor Euclesio Braganca - Nutrologist and Sport Physician - Doctoral Student - UNIFESP
  • MsC. Giscard Humberto Oliveira Lima - Genetics and Sport Especialist - UNIFESP
  • Doctoral Student Cristiane Regina Antonio - Molecular Biology - UNIFESP
  • Professor Marilia dos Santos Andrade - Exercise Physiology - UNIFESP
  • Ricardo Muller Bottura - Personal Trainer - Master Degree Student on Psychobiology - UNIFESP
  • Professor Ricardo Mario Arida - Exercise Physiology - UNIFESP
  • Renato Cariani - Chemist and Youtuber
  • Gabriel Kaminsk - Pharmaceutist and Athlets Trainer
  • Master Degree Student Fernanda Maria Serafim Casimiro - Molecular Biology - UNIFESP
  • Master Degree Student Julia Galanakis Arata - Molecular Biology - UNIFESP
  • Doctoral Student Jessica Lais Branquinho - Molecular Biology - UNIFESP
  • Doctor Sandro Ferraz - Sport Physician
  • Doctor Lucas Caseri - Sport Physician
  • MsC. Gustavo Barquilha - Physical Educator
  • Doctor Joao Aquiar - Sport Physician
  • Doctor Felipe Donatto - Nutritionist
  • Gustavo Pasqualoto - Nutritionist and Physical Educator
  • Carlos Tomaiolo - Physiotherapist and Trainer
  • Master Degree Student Jean Michel R. S. leite - Bioinformatics - USP
  • Luis Fernando Oliveira - Exercise Physiology - CEFIT
  • Adilson Roberto Doretto - Sports Trainer
  • Chiaretto Costa - Sports and Physical Activity Consultant

The study's technologies of the DNA and protein are known to have a huge development in the last decade. After the ending of the Human Genoma Project in 2001, that was a representative point of a new area on genomics, the interest of scientists from different knowledge areas has been moving to the analysis of small variations in our genoma, known as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorpisms).


On the same way, the develop of 'omics sciencies in general (proteomics, metabolomics, etc) is revolutioning the manner to understand the biological, fisiological, clinical process. This new fields are spreading considerably our way to investigate and understand this process.

The genetic markers linked to sports performance will be measured in the DNA of our athletes using advanced genomics and proteomics technology. Initialy thousands of markers present in genoma will be analysed, using a technology called GWAS (Genome Wide Association Studies).


Posteriorly, the markers associated with sports performance on our atlhetes will be used to customize a microarray, that will be used to measure the distribution of differents markers on our young athletes.

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The main objective of our project is to develop a 'omics database (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics) based on the Brazilian atlhetes characteristics to help the development of the sport in Brazil


Getting a distribution of different 'omics markers that are important on athletics performance and sports medicine on the Brazilian athletes population.


Measuring the impact of these 'omics markers on the athletes physical aptitude by means of association studies.


Based on this 'omics batabase, the most frequent markers will be selected on our population and a platform will be created, that can the used as a important tool for talentous people selection and on the improvement of the physical training/orientation of our athletes.


Developing a software to be used as a support tool for guidance of our future's young athletes.


Promoting the development of the sport on Brazil as a form of social inclusion, using the 'omics sciences.

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