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Project's Goals

- Main goal: develop a omic (genomic, proteomic and metabolomic) data bank of the Brazilian athletes in order to help in the development of sports in Brazil.

- Assess the distribution among the Brazilian athletes of the omic markers renownedly important for athletic performance and sports medicine.

- Assess the impact of these omic markers in the physical aptitude of the athletes by means of association studies.

- Identify in the omic data bank the most frequent markers in our population, in order to create a platform to help in the counseling of individuals with respect to the kind of physical activities and sports modalities that suits them best. With this counseling we expect to enhance the chances that our athletes pursue a healthy and successful physical training and eventually a career in sports.

- Develop a software to serve as a support tool for the counseling of our young future athletes.

- Promote the development of sports in Brazil as a means of social inclusion, based on the omic sciences.

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