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The technologies to study DNA and proteins have experienced great advancements in the last decade. After the conclusion of the Human Genome Project in 2001, which was a hallmark of a new era in genomics, the focus of interest of researchers in different fields has shifted to the small variations in our genome, known as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms).

Likewise, the advancements in the omic sciences in general (proteomics, metabolomics) have revolutionized the way we understand biological, physiological and clinical processes. Actually, the omic sciences have broadened considerably the way we investigate and understand those processes.

The identification of SNP regions in our genome as well as the expression of molecular markers will be able to shed new light on the mechanisms that regulate different phenotypes, including the ones linked to sports aptitude. The technology advancements in these fields might lead to the discovery of biomarkers for sports aptitude, which will be extremely important to guide young athletes in the beginning of their careers.

Further, these biomarkers can be used in various fields of medicine, as well as in pharmacology and sports medicine. Therefore, we will develop this project with an aim to create tools to help in the counseling of our young athletes, using omic markers detected in our elite athletes from different sports.


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