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Extraction of genomic DNA of the athletes via oral swab

One of the initial phases with an impact on the project’s success is the extraction of good quality genomic DNA. We will use a commercial oral swab and a method developed in our laboratory for the extraction of DNA.

Genome Wide analyses of the genetic markers in the Brazilian athletes

The genetic markers related to sports performance will be assessed in the genomic DNA of our athletes using high technology in genomics and proteomics. As a first step, thousands of markers present in the genome will be assessed, using a technology known as GWAS (Genome Wide Association Studies). Later, the genomic and proteomic markers realated to sports performance in our athletes will be used to customize a microarray, which will be used to evaluate the distribution distribuition of different markers in our young athletes.

The data collected in the project will be used to create a genomic/proteomic platform, which in turn will be an important tool for the selection of sports-talented individuals, as well as in the improvement of the physical training of our young athletes




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